Tired of the sports betting? Try being a manager

Posted by Arnulfo Mraz on April 05, 2019
Casino, Online Game

If you’re a fan of virtual sports betting, then how about you try being a manager. Unlike in sports betting, you will be the fictional manager of a virtual team. The team you manage could either be a representation of a real-life sports club or a virtual team within a computer-generated environment. This is a chance to graduate from being a player to a manager. You get to manage your own club, make the tough strategic decisions and be the boss all at the comfort of your desktop or smartphone browser.With Managerzone, a great football manager, for instance, you get all this and much more. The game lets you chose your club or make your own, build a team of your liking and come up with your own club management strategies. Just like in real life, you get to perform club managerial tasks like joining leagues, overseeing and giving instructions on player training as well as managing player transfers by buying and selling players from your club. Real-life sports club managing rules, regulations and dynamics still apply in this gaming environment.As a manager, you get to start slow at minor leagues and make your way to the top, going up against other teams. Each win is a point for your club and that’s rewarded but each loss puts you in scrutiny by executive club management. Managerzone also offers a chance for managers to participate in friendly leagues to collect more points for your club.Managerzone tries to be as realistic as possible by allowing you as a manager to be in control of club funds. The decision to buy or sell players in your hands and a good manager would know how to balance these transfers with the available funds. Winnings in leagues earns your club some extra money which could be used to buy new players. Selling players or loaning players to other clubs on Managerzone football is one way the team can get more funds to buy new players. Remember, if you can’t manage club funds appropriately you could lose your job!When it comes to selling and buying players, strategy is important. Different players have different abilities and this balances the team. On Managerrzone football for instance, buying too many defenders and neglecting other positions declines the attacking performance of your team and vice versa. Smart planning helps you as a manager to know which players you need and which ones you don’t. Transfer windows are however regulated just like in e real-life managerial scenario.